I don't repeat the same design.
If you want a design that's reserved or unavailable, feel free to message me and I can do another one with the same idea and style.
Available = Available to tattoo.
Reserved = someone already wants to do that design and has scheduled their appointment.
Not Available = someone already tattooed that design.

Luna Moth - Available

Love bug - Available

Peony - Available

Deer - Available

Floral - available

Floral - available

Floral and tiger - Available

Peony - Available

Butterflies - Not Available

Peony heart - Available

Hummingbird - Not available

Fox Available in color or black and white 

Linework & Butterfly - Available

Nefertiti - Available

Lotus - available

Bird & Peonies - not available

Snake & Rose - not available

Leo sign - Available

Pisces sign - Available



Not available


Placement Idea



Magnolias - not vailable

Magnolias - Placement idea


Not Available

Placement idea

not available

not available

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